Guns! Terrorism! This week has been a ______ Mad Lib.

Remember Mad Libs? Here is a topical one: A small group of Americans, calling themselves ________________, took to publicly owned _____________ in protest. They declared they would not leave until their demands were met, specifically _______________________. These are some options: “Occupy Wall Street,” parks, bank CEOs were arrested. “Black Lives Matter,” streets, police officers were […]

My Festivus grievances? Muslim ban is un-American; supporting it isn’t racist

This time of year brings countless holidays — some of the ancient vintage and others modern creations. Seinfeld’s Festivus falls firmly in that latter camp, and its traditions are highly relevant to this year’s political season. Presidential candidates, for example, loudly proclaim the “Feats of Strength” they will unleash on their enemies, be they Republicans […]