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Michael Cianchette was the chief counsel to Gov. Paul LePage from 2012-2013 and deputy counsel from 2011-2012. A Navy reservist, he was deployed to Afghanistan from 2013-2014 as a trainer and adviser to the Afghan National Police. He is an alumnus of the Leadership Maine program and holds a BA in economics and political science from Boston College along with a JD and an MBA from Suffolk University. He works as in-house counsel and financial manager for a number of affiliated companies in southern Maine.

Pardon my French on Katahdin Woods and Waters Monument

C’est la vie. It is fait accompli. Seisin of thousands of acres of Maine has been signed over to the federal government. Maybe the Obama administration will rename Quimbyland something French. Or maybe not. Within hours of the deeds becoming public, the name and mailing address of the new “monument” were announced via a canned, pre-made website: […]