Dazzle Me, Dems

Following the crisis of the 2014 elections, non-Republicans everywhere are projecting their frustrations and failures on the Democratic Party, and who can blame them?

I would be ten pounds thinner and rich if only more people liked Mike. I’m sure of it.

One tired idea rekindled and kicked around once again is that “southern Maine” is the problem. Those damn people with good jobs and weathered shingles! Coastal folks are so out of touch with the “real” Maine.

Other old saws include, “Democrats are from away and can’t be trusted!”

The Democratic Party is elitist.

Democrats are addicted to welfare.

Democrats know nothing about business.

Democrats don’t love guns enough.

God doesn’t love Democrats.

Even Millennials, who stayed home for the election, roused to hop aboard the blame bus. Their rant? Democrats didn’t dazzle them.

Yes, that’s right. Millennials apparently expect to be seduced, pampered and coddled by the Democratic Party, and then chased to the polls. They value equal opportunity, public institutions, a healthy environment and good government but want an embossed invitation to get engaged.

I’m no millennial and certainly have my gripes with the Democratic Party, but really? Enough of the whining!

To Eliot Cutler, the Y generation and everyone else standing on the sidelines waiting for the Democrats to change the world, I implore you. Snap out of it!

Join in. And get to work.

There’s no Man behind the curtain. Political parties are what we make of them.

Cynthia Dill

About Cynthia Dill

Cynthia Dill is a civil rights attorney with the Portland firm Troubh Heisler. She has served as a state senator and representative, and she is the former Democratic nominee in Maine's 2012 U.S. Senate race. She holds a BA from the University of Vermont and a JD from Northeastern University. She is admitted in the U.S. District Courts for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. Dill lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband Tom and their two children.