Are Mainers feeling the Bern?

A supporter waves a Bernie Sanders sign at the Vermont senator's Monday rally in Portland. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

A supporter waves a Bernie Sanders sign at the Vermont senator’s Monday rally in Portland. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

Cynthia: Maine sure loves independent guys in their 70s, Mike! Bernie Sanders drew thousands in Portland this week.

Are you ready for a political revolution?

Mike: Bernie, like Ron Paul, is the example that breaks the false “left-right” construct. Sanders joined mostly Republicans in opposing the bank bailouts, while Hillary supported the payout. Bernie is also closer to the GOP on guns than many Democrats. It should make for an interesting primary — Democratic royalty versus the pro-gun socialist who agreed with Sam Brownback on bailouts!

Cynthia: Hillary was in good company on the bailout vote — both Maine Sens. Snowe and Collins supported it, as well as a young senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.

Enthusiasm at the Sanders rally in Portland is indicative of people’s discontent with Gov. LePage and malaise about politics in Maine under his leadership. Hepatitis C is rampant, the economy sucks and the only bill the Legislature eked out puts more guns in our communities. Even the summer leaves are riddled with a mysterious pestilence! Maine is sick and tired, Mike, and people are clamoring for a champion.

Imagine if Bernie Sanders had a mustache! We’de be going bonkers.

Mike: So is Paul LePage the reason 10,000 people came out to support Bernie in Wisconsin? If so, I didn’t realize the governor had such a national reach!

People are supporting Bernie for two reasons — neither of which are Gov. LePage. First, most of America isn’t hankering for a Bush v. Clinton general election. Second, there has been a leftward drift of the Democratic Party both nationally and locally. A lot of ink gets spilled decrying the loss of the “moderate Republican” in Maine, but the Dems are led by Justin Alfond and Mark Eves with older, moderate Democrats pushed aside. Mustaches won’t change that.

Cynthia: Maine and Wisconsin feel the Bern because Paul LePage and Scott Walker are cut from the same cloth — both rated the worst governors in America. As their Tea Party winds down, the Democratic Party is swaying left toward opportunity and President Obama is racking up success after success.

It’s no wonder more Americans are identifying as Democrats. Look at the slate of GOP candidates — it’s a circus car full of clowns! And just when we thought Donald Trump’s hair was the low point, he says it’s “Mexican rapists” ruining the country, not stuffed shirts like him.

“Moderate” has become a word only used to describe the few remaining Republicans who aren’t completely nuts.

Mike: You cannot take that “worst governors” report seriously — 17 of the 18 “worst” are Republican…according to Democrats? And Paul LePage makes the list because he fired Democratic appointees? It’s a worse joke than Bernie’s hair! Hate on Govs. LePage and Walker all you want, but they won election twice and thrice, respectively.

And you might want to dig a little deeper on that Gallup report — Democrats exceeding Republicans is the norm, with the last few years an aberration. But guess what? The last time the affiliation numbers were where they are now, a Republican won the White House.

So yes, the GOP will have a wide-ranging primary with many different ideas, some of which might be off-the-wall. But Democrats will have a 67-year-old woman versus a 71-year-old man, who together have spent about 50 years in Washington. That’s a long way from hope and change.

Cynthia: What Hillary and Bernie have achieved in their 50 years of experience far exceeds the accomplishments of all 45 Republican candidates put together, but I concede no Democrat has yet to tackle the“Mexican rapist” issue.

And speaking of hot-button issues, who’s got better hair, rumpled Bernie or the Trump?

Mike: So two Democratic politicians have more accomplishments than a former Fortune 500 CEO and a world-renowned neurologist? Not to mention numerous governors and senators? If so, why do we even bother with a Republican party — sounds like your Dear Leaders will lead us all to the promised land.

We’ll have to quietly console ourselves with the Donald’s hair, since he wins that contest hands down. Which is good, as I don’t think he’ll be celebrating at the end of the primary. But who will on your side of the aisle? The Bern may feel good now, but Hillary is not impressed. Does she hold it, or will Martin “My Own State Doesn’t Like Me” O’Malley shock the world?

Cynthia: Carly Fiorina said herself that running a corporation is completely different than serving in public office, something she has never done, and Ben Carson may be a doctor but he’s clearly not a scientist. The guy doesn’t believe in evolution, for God sakes, and puts gay people in the same category as pedophiles.

Democrats in the race are educated, experienced people with big ideas about helping people, not dividing them. Polling shows Hillary in a strong lead despite the masses feeling the Bern.

Donald Trump’s hair takes the cake, though. I’ll grant you that…and the mere fact we are judging which of two men has a “better” hairstyle in a presidential contest suggests a political revolution has already begun.

Mike: I don’t know if it is a revolution or a beauty contest, but whatever “it” is has definitely begun.